The church is located at 13245 Cearfoss Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (which is also called Salem Avenue in Hagerstown and Rt. 58 in Washington County).

The UU church is very close to Interstate-81.     From I-81, Exit 7B,  go 1 mile west.      The church is on the right, just past the Tri-State Fellowship and  Hoffman’s Meats.   A row of pine trees marks the church property.

The church entrance driveway is just past the Martin House, the red brick house where meetings and the children’s religious education  classes are held . (visible behind the sign in the  picture below).


The Martin House and driveway entrance (looking west from Cearfoss Pike)

 If you end up at a traffic circle, you’ve missed the church. When you come back,  the church driveway is easier to see from this direction. Look for the Hagerstown Youth Soccer field on your left,  next an open field, and then our driveway.

The sanctuary is a white, one story building which is hidden from the road by pine trees but visible from the church parking lot.