COVID-19 Updates

      Our church is slowly reopening

•Sunday worship services returned to the sanctuary in April 2022 with a hybrid format:  in person and via Zoom for those at home.

Religious Education (RE) classes and our nursery are also open.


Some safety restrictions remain:

• Masks are optional for the vaccinated but  we ask anyone not fully vaccinated and boosted to wear one to protect themselves and others.  And anyone ill or in contact with those who are should worship via Zoom.

• People in the sanctuary are asked to maskwhen singing hymns.

• After service refreshments have retrurned

• Chair and row spacing is still wider than pre-Covidt, which reduces the number of seats in the sanctuary.

Other UUCH Groups and Activities

• Many of our activities and groups are meeting in person (and some with hybrid format). Others remain entirely on zoom or have not resumed yet.  

As of May, 

The Men’s Discussion Group is hybrid (in person and on zoom)

For more information, email


The Women’s Spirituality Group meets only on Zoom in fall through early spring  and in person in the summer.  For more information, email


The Book Discussion Group is meeting only on Zoom.

For more information, email


The Faith in Action Committee is meeting in person.



Important Note about Zoom Meetings

To attend a specific Zoom meeting or event, you need a log in link and password, which changes every time for security reasons. The log-in link is sent to the group’s participants a few days before the event. People who regularly attended the in person activity are already on the list to receive the log in information. If you are not receiving an emailed log-in link for the event you want to attend, you need to be added to the group email list.

To receive the log in link for Sunday worship, email  by Thursday.

Zoom contacts for other activities are listed above.

If you have never used Zoom, check out the Zoom Basics Page.



(To learn about the long and difficult process, check out the reopening decision page. )