Gift Card Fundraiser

Our gift card fundraiser—also called scrip—is an easy way for members and friends to donate more to our church at no extra cost to themselves. Many people order gift cards monthly for their own shopping and additional cards before the holidays as presents for others.

How it works:  People pay the face value of gift cards they order through UUCH. The church buys the cards at a discount and keeps the difference so UUCH makes a small profit on each card.

Our fundraiser has two parts, each with its own order form

Grocery Scrip order form             GLS order form

Grocery scrip is for gift cards from Martins/Giant and Weis grocery stores, which give 5% of each card’s value to the church. Grocery scrip orders are taken every month.

The Great Lake Scrip (GLS) program has gift cards from most retailers, chain restaurants, on line stores, and more.  If the GLS order form doesn’t have the  gift card you want, ask our scrip coordinator, Jane Peatling if it’s available.  The percentage the church earns is shown on the order form and varies with each retailer. GLS orders will be done every other month (Sept-Nov…..) 

The gift card  order and distribution process has changed because of Covid-19. Both the grocery and GLS order forms are now available on line for you to print out.

      Print the form, mark your choices, and mail it to UU Church of Hagerstown, att: Jane Peatling, 13245 Cearfoss Pike, Hagerstown, MD, 21740.

Be sure to enclose a check made out to UUCH with gift cards in the memo line.

Please mail your order early enough to reach the church by the first Sunday in the month.  Grocery scrip orders will be ordered every month. GLS orders will be done every other month.

Jane will pick up the forms at church, place the orders, and arrange a location for a socially-distanced card distribution at the end of the month.

Eventually we’ll complete the work needed to have the whole gift card process on line but this interim step will get our gift card project going again.