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November & December Sunday Topics

  Sunday services begin at 10:45 a.m.

November 3: Two Evangelical Christians and a UU Minister Seated Together on a Plane sounds like the start of a joke or an uncomfortable flight. However, for UU minister Tandi Rogers, it became an uplifting experience in finding commonalities and building connections between different spiritual views. This video sermon offers a framework for meaningful interactions with non-UU family and friends in this holiday season and beyond.

Family service where the children join the adults in the sanctuary for the first part of the service.


November 10: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Love Does Not Envy. Envy is the only emotion to make it into the 10 Commandments, although most translations use “covet” instead. In either case, it’s something that can be very destructive to relationships—friends, family, partners, and others. Like any other emotion, we may learn how to process those feelings more healthfully.


November 17: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Universalism Again. “Every kind of life has meaning. Every life has influence on every other kind of life,” says Catholic writer Caryll Houselander. UUs are not the only ones finding meaning in Universalism.


November 24: November 24: Real Gratitude. Everyone knows the happy story of the first Thanksgiving, a three-day feast shared by Native Americans and the Pilgrims, our Unitarian ancestors. Today this holiday is less gratitude and more gluttony, shopping, and football. Let’s explore the less familiar story behind the first Thanksgiving and find a path to increased gratitude and service in our own lives.

Intergenerational service for everyone school age and older. Nursery will be open for younger children.


December 1: JD Stillwater. The Climate Addiction. Our dependence on fossil fuels looks an awful lot like addiction. Could the 12 steps of AA offer any helpful guidance as we seek a way out? If climate change is a moral/spiritual crisis, maybe a 12-step-style “spiritual awakening” can help.

    Family service where the children join the adults in the sanctuary for the first part of the service.



December 8: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Jesus Was an Undocumented Immigrant. The birth of Jesus is celebrated among Christians, but much less attention is paid to the next part of the story, when the family had to flee to Egypt to avoid persecution. This message gives the birth of Jesus both a historical and contemporary context.


December 15: The UU Christmas Connection. Some 19th century Unitarians believed that Christmas celebrations could also promote a social gospel. Learn about familiar carols, stories and traditions that are also about peace, anti-slavery, child labor, greed, and the social contract.


December 22: Winter Solstice: Trust Darkness. Winter solstices are usually celebrations of light but there is profound meaning and solace in darkness too.


Christmas Eve Service:  An Appalachian Christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 7 p.m. in the sanctuary

Celebrate Christmas Eve with familiar carols (and perhaps one or two new ones), the soft light of candles, the warmth of fellowship, and two stories of peace and love.

Our UUCH Players bring the holidays to life with dramatic readings of the first Christmas story and The Year of the Perfect Tree by Gloria Houston with illustrations by Barbara Cooney, a modern tale set in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina during WWI.

Ever since Papa went to be a soldier in The Great War, life at their Appalachian Mountain cabin has not been easy for Ruthie and her mother. How will they find Christmas joy this year?


December 29: A Deep and Restful Silence. Quiet music, guided meditation, silence, and time to reflect and renew.








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