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January & February Sunday Topics

  Sunday services begin at 10:45 a.m.

Jan. 5: Rev. Paige Getty’s sermon: Believing Anything You Want Isn’t Enough. UUs rightfully prize our freedom of ideas but without the guidance of our fourth UU principle, that freedom can be narcissistic and destructive.

          Family service where the children join the adults in the sanctuary for the first part of the service.


Jan. 12: Dr. Karen Gray. The Value of Enchantment to the Human Spirit. J. R. R. Tolkien made seminal contributions to the place of monsters, dragons, and the realm of faerie, not just to literature but to the human spirit in the dark days leading up to WWII. Dr. Gray will discuss enchantment and its uses, referencing both Bruno Bettelheim’s focus on the education of disturbed children and Tolkien’s ground-breaking essay “On Fairy Stories”.


Jan. 19: Martin Luther King and Unitarian Universalism. A video sermon by UU minister Rev. Aaron White about Dr. King’s UU connection, including his speech to the 1966 UUA General Assembly, and our on-going efforts to combat racism in society and Unitarian Universalism.

Offering in Action in support of Lasting Change. Potluck Lunch & UUCH Book Table after the service.


Jan. 26: Rev. Edward Poling. In the Midst of Genocide: Etty Hillesum’s Brief Life. A look at the life of a young Jewish woman during German occupation of the Netherlands, through her diary which traces her remarkable spiritual growth and her refusal to hate even in the face of death.


Feb. 2: All You Need Is Love. Really? Like The Beatles song, just feeling love—the many types the Greeks had words for or our modern versions— is not enough. Turning that warm fuzzy feeling into positive action is, with a nod to another 60s song, What the World Needs Now.

Intergenerational service for everyone school age and older. Nursery will be open for younger children.


Feb. 9: Marlin Barnes and Jane Peatling. Music and Musings. RitmaCordia —Jane on cello and Marlin on marimba—create a multi-sensory experience to underscore spiritual musings from prose and poetry.


Feb. 16: Fanny Crawford. Stories of Saints and Seekers. Storyteller and UUCH member Fanny Crawford is working on new family stories and traditional tales to illustrate UU principles. She wants your feedback so plan to attend and share your responses

Offering in Action in support of Lasting Change. Canvass luncheon after the service.


Feb. 23: Michael Roehm. A Buddhist UU’s Observations from a Dharma Retreat last summer at the Bodhi Monastery.








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