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JULY 2017

July 2: Rev. Ron Crawford. The Essence of Being Interesting. Everyone enjoys the company of “interesting” people. You can probably list several of
your favorites easily and, probably, you are one yourself. Ron presents seven characteristics he has identified as belonging to such folks. Come and enjoy this talk as part of your holiday weekend.
*A Family Service where the children join the adults in the sanctuary for the first part of the service.

July 9: Rev. Wayne B. Arnason’s Sermon: The Care of the Soul. “The soul is a messy thing for Unitarian Universalists.” Rev. Arnason looks at what “soul” means from different angles and concerns.

July 16:  J.D. Stillwater. Active Love, An Antidote to Anthropocene Angst.
Guilt about environmental destruction won’t help build a sustainable society, but active love might, the kind of love we have for our teenagers when they’re especially annoying.
*Offering in Action.  Potluck lunch and UUCH Book Table after the service.

July 23:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. What Makes Us Who We Are?  Rev. Paul tackles the nature vs. nurture question by looking at intersectionality—the
idea that attributes such as gender, ethnicity, culture, etc. combine in different ways in each of us. This term originally arose in the context of how
differently white women and women of color experience sexism and how that changes their respective agendas. This sermon enlarges that debate to apply it more broadly and to make it personal.

July 30:  Michael Roehm.  Transcendental Practices for Today.  It is curious that the UUA’s formal statement of “sources” does not mention Transcendentalism, which was a major source that still influences UUs today.  This presentation builds on the work of Jane E. Rosecrans and Rev.
Barry Andrews to identify eight practices relevant to practicing UUism today.


August 6: Rev. Marilyn J. Sewell’s Sermon: The Moral Demands of Climate Change. Retired Minister Emerita Sewell identifies the ethical responsibilities we must assume to meet the challenge of climate change.
*A Family Service where the children join the adults in the sanctuary for the first part of the service.

August 13: Jerry Harness. In Other Words. The “Golden rule” is the foundation of most of the world’s religions. We’ll explore these many
expressions of how we should relate to others while we look for common meaning and possible differences.

August 20: Rev. Kenton Stone. Committed to Social Justice. Liberationv theology was born in the Catholic church in South America in 1967, but in
his address to Congress in 2015, Pope Francis acknowledged the influence of Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker social justice movement in the U.S. during the first half of the 20 th century. The Catholic Church’s most famous radical activist in North America, Day earned her inclusion in our UU hymnal, where her words in reading #560 are even more relevant today.
Offering in Action. Potluck lunch and UUCH Book Table after the service.

August 27: Marlin Barnes and Jane Peatling. Let’s Talk About Communication. A look behind the words with the goal of improving understanding and reducing stress.



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