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January 7:  Marlin Barnes and Jane Peatling.  Music—The Universal Language.  Marlin Barnes and Jane Peatling will explore elements in music that make it valuable to our spiritual lives.

A Family Service where the children join the adults in the sanctuary for the first part of the service.


January 14: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  The Reckoning.    The revelations of sexual misconduct just keep coming, and they present challenges to all of us. We must navigate the tension between believing the accusers while giving the accused the presumption of innocence, and (nothing new here, just the context) we must find a way to love people who have deeply disappointed us with their conduct. Rev. Paul draws on his careers in law and ministry for a unique take on these questions.


January 21: Rev. Kenton Stone.  Sex, Power, Meaning.   For Freud, the most basic human drive was sex.  For Adler, it was power.  Freud’s disciple in psychiatry, Vicktor Frankl, put both theories to the test in the Holocaust and replaced them with the drive for meaning.  Frankl’s “logotherapy” helped him through the Holocaust and into a long and fruitful life.

          Offering in Action for Planned Parenthood.    Potluck lunch and UUCH Book Table after the service 


January 28:  Rev. Ed Poling.  Finding Common Ground Amidst Religious Diversity: Part 7 – Liu Xiaobo.  In this continuing series on peacemaking and interfaith dialogue, we look at an advocate for human rights and nonviolence  from a Confucian perspective.  Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese intellectual who became a gadfly for democratic reform, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.


February 4: Rev. Bruce Clear’s Fuzzy Questions.  Rev. Clear’s sermon addresses the common assertion that “Unitarians have no beliefs.”

A Family Service where the children join the adults in the sanctuary for the first part of the service.


February 11: Rev. Kenton Stone. Frank Talk. Writer, filmmaker, and screenwriter Frank Schaeffer is the son of an evangelical theologian whose book How Then Should We Live is the intellectual bedrock of the Religious Right.  Despite his upbringing, Frank has become “a self-described progressive Christian.”  His second book, Patience with God: Faith for People Who Don’t Like Religion, provides deep insights as to what’s next when we figure out what we don’t believe.  As his father would have put it, after leaving dogma behind, “how then do we progressives live?”


February 18:  Dr. Karen Gray. Thinking About “The Dignity of Man.”   Karen Gray reflects on the assignment of “dignity” to our species from Giovanni Pico’s controversial 1486 oration on “The Dignity of Man” to the seemingly endemic violence and oppressions of our time. In the process she traces her personal quest to recover a sense of human dignity and to explore the value of dignity as a personal virtue worth developing.

          Offering in Action for Planned Parenthood.   Canvass Luncheon after the service.   (No potluck or bookstore.)


February 25:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Love Never Ends. The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13 that love never ends. Yet, when relationships end though death, distance, decay, or otherwise, we wonder, “Was the love real and then stopped being real or was it ever real love in the first place?” As usual Rev. Paul has several answers from which you may choose.



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