Our Sunday worship is a hybrid format: both in person in the sanctuary and via Zoom* meeting software.  (See below for more details about on-line & in-person services).


Upcoming Speakers and Topics 

April 9 (Easter):  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Last Words of Jesus. The Gospels don’t agree on Jesus’ final words. Rather, the different accounts of the crucifixion say more about Jesus’ followers than they do about him.  

 April 16:  Steve Maier. Reverence for Life.  Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer said, “Reverence for life contains all the components of ethics: love, kindliness, sympathy, empathy, peacefulness, power to forgive.”   How would our lives and our world be different if we made reverence for life our guide for all relationships?

     Rev. Don Stevenson has been rescheduled to July 16.

April 23:  Andrew McKnight.   Earth Day, Everyday.  UU  singer-songwriter shares inspirations and ruminations on leaving lighter footprints, not just for the annual Earth Day but every other day of the year.

April 30. Singing Our Journey.  What our UU hymnals, the songs they contain, and the diversity of their composers reveal about UU principles, history and social action.


How to Attend Our Worship

Please log in to Zoom or be in the sanctuary between  10:30 a.m. and 10:40 a.m. The pre-serviced music begins at 10:40 a.m.

        Our services end around noon and are followed by refreshments and time to chat.

To attend a service via Zoom, you need the new log in link and password, which are emailed each week on Friday.  

If you aren’t receiving the link, email worship@uuhagerstownmd.org by Thursday to be added to the worship log in list.

*If you have never used Zoom, check out the Zoom Basics Page.


Covid Safety Precautions: We are slowly figuring out how to safely be together in person again so be alert for on-going changes.  
  • Masks are now optional for fully-vaccinated and boosted people.Some fully-vaccinated people continue to mask for additional safety; others do not.
  •   If you are NOT fully-vaccinated, we ask you to mask to protect yourself and others.
  • After service refreshments have returned.
  • Please be thoughtful with your greetings. Many people are not ready yet for hugging and other close contacts so always ask.
  • Improved Air Quality  The new HVAC system installed in 2020 in both the Martin House and sanctuary should keep us safer as well as warmer and cooler.

    The new system includes an air purification system in the HVAC ductwork. According to the EPA, the combined use of filtration and germicidal UVC light is an effective means of preventing the distribution of airborne viruses in occupied spaces. Our system has a high intensity dual-light system: one light controls bacteria, viruses, and mold spores; the other oxidizes and removes  noxious  odors.  The air goes through the purification system eight times an hour.



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