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MAY 2017

May 7: Rev. Kenton Stone. The Mothers of May. In the 1970s, military dictators ruled many South American countries, killing their opponents and “disappearing” their bodies. Unable to mourn and bury their husbands and sons, women began to march and by 1985 nearly all of South America’s dictators had been overthrown by these peaceful, women-led demonstrations. Now enjoying the longest period of democracy in its 500 year history, South America celebrates its Mothers of May.

May 14: Hey Momma…. written by Rev. Sara Huisjen. Exploring the phenomenon of mothering. What does it take to nurture and encourage others (and ourselves) into a sense of strength and beauty? Who does this? How? This sermon is read with permission of the author, who is the settled minister of the UU Church of Ellsworth, ME.

May 21: Julie Castillo. Evolution and Creationism: Why Can’t We Just Get Along? Evolution vs. creationism, science vs. theology: what’s really at the heart of this centuries-old animosity? Can we reconcile these two radically different ways of knowing? Can we adopt a viewpoint that allows these diverse positions to peacefully, respectfully, co-exist?

May 28: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Honoring Troops, Opposing War. It’s hard to maintain that a war is immoral while honoring those who fight it as upholding the best traditions of our country. Perhaps that’s why religious liberals often are unfairly characterized as anti-military. Rev. Paul’s sermon explores this tension and offers some ways of balancing these competing values.

JUNE 2017

June 4: Rev. Ron Crawford. To Do or To Be? Have you ever considered what makes life worth living? What really keeps us going? Is it what we are able to do, or who we are able to be?

June 11: Rev. Kenton Stone. Justice in the Jungle. An alliance between a bishop and a philosophy professor brought social justice in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. This is all the more noteworthy since San Cristobal’s founder 500 years ago was Rev. Bartolome de las Casas, who came to Mexico as the chaplain on Christopher Columbus’s ship, protected the town’s indigenous people from slavery.

June 18: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Bible and Homosexuality. The Bible is not nearly as clear in its condemnation of homosexuality as many suggest. Yet, when all things are considered, there are some difficult passages on this subject. That does not mean we must throw the whole Bible out, though. This sermon offers a way to read the Bible with integrity while keeping much of its inspiration.

June 25: Rev. Ed Poling. Finding Common Ground Amidst Religious Diversity: Rabbi Arik Ascherman. In this continuing series on peacemaking and interfaith dialogue, we look at another advocate of human rights and nonviolence, from a Jewish perspective. Rabbi Arik Ascherman, a contemporary Israeli citizen, has stood up for Palestinians against Israeli settler violence, worked for social justice for Israelis, and supported the difficult plight of his country’s Bedouin citizens.


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