The Reopening Decision is not simple.

As states loosen their coronavirus restrictions, the UUCH Board is pondering how and when our church will resume in-person worship and other activities while protecting the health of our members and friends.

The Unitarian Universalist Association is strongly recommending that “congregations plan for ongoing virtual gatherings and operations through May 2021…We are guided by science and our deepest values, not politics, when we urge congregations to not resume full in-person operations until concrete public health criteria are met.”1

This does not mean that UUCH buildings will definitely be closed for a year; only that the board must prepare for that possibility by improving and expanding our virtual operations.

The board must also study, plan, and make decisions for the extensive adjustments to facilities and procedures required for safe in-person events. The CDC, UUA and even our church insurance company2 have provided valuable guidelines, but adapting these to UUCH may be very difficult.

The board is responsible for the operation of the church and will make the final decision about reopening our facilities. However, input from members and friends will be helpful in both improving our virtual operations and deciding how and when to reopen. Share your ideas and concerns with a board member. You can also take the short survey here

Members and friends are also encouraged to explore new ways to meet our church’s social and spiritual needs. Perhaps now is the time for a virtual UU youth group, a parents’ discussion group, hobby groups, or a UU game group.  (UU trivia, anyone?) What do we miss from our in-person church experiences and how can we provide the essence in safe ways?

While we look forward to returning to our physical church home, we are also recognizing how much we are a church community in spirit. And the techniques and adaptations we’re learning now- can enhance our church connections and activities in our post-epidemic future.


Learn more:

1  UUA guidelines:

2 Church Insurance company guidelines:


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