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2024 services:

Jan. 7: Rev. Peter Friedrichs. Do What You Can

Jan.14: A Laughing God 

Jan. 21: Rev. Ed Poling. Shaped by Testing.

Jan. 28: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. A Fearless and Searching Moral Inventory.

Feb. 4 Rev. Peter Friedrichs. Be Who You Are 

Feb. 11: Rev. Patrick T. O’Neill. The Shoemakers’ Window.

Feb 18: Mark Bernstein. Eating Well: The Role of Hope in Our Unitarian Universalist Lives. 

Feb. 25: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Pearl of Great Price.

March 3: Irene Glass. Renewal and Returning Light.

March 10: Jane Peatling and Marlin Barnes.  Musical Pieces

March 17: Rev. Wayne B. Arnason.  How Shall We Be Healed?

March 24: Rev. Christopher Buice.  Unitarian Universalists, Cats and Dogs.

March 31 (Easter): Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Was Jesus a Pacifist?

April 7: Rev. Scott W. Alexander. But Are You Happy?

April 14: Irene Glass.  Community, Connection, and Conflict

April 21: UUCH Players. The Blue-Green Hills of Earth.

April 28: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  The Sabbath World.

May 5: Mark Bernstein. The Difficulty of Being Just.

May 12: Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom. When Faced with Evil.

May 19: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Belonging with Integrity.

May 26: Taps: 24 Notes for Memorial Day

June 2: JD Stillwater. Grand Design: Aging, Alloparenting, and Evolution.

June 9: Irene Glasse. Abundance Within and Without.

June 16: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Answering Your Call.

June 23: Rev. Dennis J. Daniel. The Light That Shines Out of a Life.

June 30: Rev. Dr. Helen Lutton Cohen. Odd Arrangements and Funny Solutions.

July 7: Rev. Karyn Marsh. Freedom’s Just Another Word.

July 14: Mark Bernstein. Selling Onions.

July 21: Rev. Susan Maginn. Wandering Pilgrimage.

July 28: Irene Glasse. Magnificent Imperfection.

August 4: Bret Lortie. Music and Mediation: Resolving Conflict in a Warring World.

August 11: Robin Reichert. Walking to Walden with Emerson and Thoreau.

August 18: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Progress, Not Perfection.

August 25: Rev. Scott Alexander. Which God Don’t You Believe In?


2023 services:

Jan. 1: Abundance and Emptiness.

Jan. 8: Lora Powell-Haney. Centering Our Values.

Jan. 15: Rev. Susan V. Rak. Grow Your Soul.

Jan. 22: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Unredeemable?

Jan. 29: The Flame Beneath the Ice. Poetry and music

Feb. 5: Rev. Peter Friedrichs. Everything is Possible.

Feb. 12: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Attributes of Love.

Feb. 19: Dr. Melanie Davis. Honoring Your Inherent Worth and Dignity.

Feb. 26: Yvonne Pfoutz. Dual Identity?

March 5: The First U

March 12: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Sources of Our Faith.

March 19:  Lora Powell-Haney. Vulnerable Faith.

March 26: Robin Reichert. Return to Innocence.

April 2: Rev. Susan Rak. Calamity, Hope, and Courage.

April 9 (Easter):  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Last Words of Jesus.

April 16:  Steve Maier. Reverence for Life.  

April 23:  Andrew McKnight.  Earth Day, Everyday.

April 30. Singing Our Journey.

May 7: Mark Bernstein. The Only Way Out.

May 14: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Our Transcendentalist Heritage.

May 21:  JD Stillwater. Magic Recipes: Science and the Profound Meaning of Spring.

May 28:  Sturdy Oaks in Our UU Woods.

June 4: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Lincoln’s Faith

June 11:  Rev. Karyn Bergmann Marsh. The Pleasure Principle.

June 18:  The Second U.

June 25: 100 Years of Blossoms.

July 2: Rev. Dan Harper. A Patriotic Faith.

July 9: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Let Justice Roll.

July 16: Rev. Don Stevenson. The Centered Life.

July 23: Lora Powell-Haney. Radical Permission, Body and Soul.

July 30:. Is This a Christian Church?

August 6:  Rev. Joel Miller. Living Touchstones.

August 13: Irene Glasse. Living the Liminal: Meaning, Stability, and Connection in Times of Change.

August 20: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. When Prayers Aren’t Wanted.

August 27: Explaining Unitarian Universalism Without a Pamphlet.

Sept. 3: Labors of Love.

Sept. 10: Ingathering: The Strength of Water.

Sept. 17: Rev. Karen Marsh. Being Human Is a Guest House.

Sept. 24: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Forgiving the Dead.

Oct. 1: Why Be Spiritual

Oct. 8: Rev. Jan Carlsson-Bull. On the Other Side of the Pond.

Oct. 15: Mark Bernstein. The Hobgoblin of Little Minds.

Oct. 22: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. When Love Hurts.

Oct. 29: UUCH Players. Fear and Freedom.

Nov. 5:  Rev. Peter Friedrichs. Want What You Have,

Nov. 12:  Rev. Bruce Clear. Fuzzy Questions, Fuzzy Answers.

Nov. 19:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. A More Perfect Union.

Nov. 26 :  Irene Glass.  Resilience, Gratitude and Staying Present.

Dec. 3: JD Stillwater. Love in Darkening Times.

Dec. 10:  Rev. Karyn Bergmann Marsh.  Mystery of Life.

Dec. 17:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Many Rivers.

Dec. 24:   UUCH Players. Follow Yonder Star.

 Dec. 31: Out of the Box.


2022 services:  January to March entirely on zoom. From April to the present, hybrid worship (in person in the sanctuary and on zoom)

 Jan. 2: UUCH Standup Comics. Laughing into 2022. 

Jan. 9:  Rev. Bret Lortie. Jazz, Peace, and UUs.

Jan. 16:  Dr. Melanie Davis. Reconnecting with the Spirit of Life. 

Jan. 23: Rev. Paul Britner. Creating Hope.

Jan 30: Rev. Kenton Stone. Renegade Role Models.

Feb. 6:  Rev. Bruce Clear. The Theist in Me.

Feb. 13:  Robin Reichert. The Naked Truth About Love. 

Feb. 20: Rev. Paul Britner. Our UU Presidents. 

Feb. 27: Rev. Kenton Stone. Remembering Fun. 

March 6: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Strong. A Theology of Evolution.

March 13:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth

March 20:   Rev. Holly Lux-Sullivan. What Can We Do for Unitarian Universalism Today?

March 27: Rev. Dr. Susan Rak. We Make the Path.

April  3:  JD Stillwater. One Song.

April  10:   Rev. Ann Marie Alderman. Tree-Huggers and a New Model of God.

April  17: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Women at the Tomb.

April 24:  UUCH Players. Remember the Ladies.

May 1:  Rev. Kenton Stone. Pandemic Nice.

May 8:  Marlin Barnes. Where Is the Music?

May 15: Dr. Melanie Davis.  Jumping into Change.

May 22: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Power of Forgiveness.

May 29: A Life’s Précis.

June 5:  Mark Bernstein. Driven by Waves

June 12: Rev. Marta Valentin.  Bearers of Light

June 19: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Biblical Fathers

June 26:  Rev. Ed Poling. St. Francis and al-Kamil, the Sultan of Egypt: An Interfaith Encounter

July 3:  Flag-Waving UUs?

July 10: Rev. John Buehrens. Stability.

July 17: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Journey of Faith: Part 1.

July 24: Rev. Jan Nielsen. Happiness.

July 31: Rev. Leaf Seligman. The Evolution of Ideas.

August 7:  Liz Blackadar.  Acceptance 101.

August 14: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Journey of Faith: Part 2

August 21: Tommy Bradshaw. Embracing an Eclectic Perspective.

August 28: Rev. Don Stevenson. Dismantling Vengeance: Turning the Other Cheek.

Sept. 4:  More than a Parade and Picnic: The Story of Labor Day.

Sept. 11: The Waters of Our Lives.

Sept. 18: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Journey of Faith: Part 3

Sept. 25: JD Stillwater. Defiant Love: Interrogating Our Heritage.

October 2: The Umbrella Sanctuary.

October 9: Rev. Beth Marshall. Embracing the Exile.

October 16: Rev. Karyn Marsh. In Praise of Darkness.

October 23: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Living in a Broken World

October 30:  Behind the Mask.

Nov. 6:  Andrew McKnight. What Moves Us to Keep Marching?

Nov. 13: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Gratitude and Grace.

Nov. 20: Mark Berstein. Finding Echoes.

Nov. 27: Rev. Karyn Marsh. Liberal Is Not a Four-Letter Word.

Dec. 4: Rev. Cathy Bowers. Work and Rest: The Rhythm of Our Lives.

Dec. 11: Robin Reichert. The Christmas Secret

Dec, 18: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Life of Winter

Dec. 24: 7 p.m. Christmas Eve Service. Christmas on the Air: The Final Chapter

UUCH closed on Dec. 25.  No worship or religious education class

2021 services:   Entirely on Zoom

Jan. 3: Robin Reichert. Ringing in Peace. 

Jan. 10: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. MLK and the Duty to Disobey. 

Jan. 17: Rev. Aaron White. Martin Luther King and Unitarian Universalism. 

Jan. 24: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Thinky Pain. 

Jan. 31: Dr. Karen Gray. Complicity and Compromise. 

Feb. 7: Winter in Our Souls. music by RitmaCordia and poetry

Feb. 14: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Love Rejoices in the Truth

Feb. 21: Mark Bernstein. Is Superman a Closet UU?.

Feb. 28: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger.?

March 7:  Reverend Don Stevenson. Innerstance, Not Circumstance.

March 14:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Progress, Not Perfection. 

March 21: Finding Our Equilibrium in a Time of Coronavirus. 

March 28: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Say Their Names. 

April 4:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Meaning of Easter.

April 11:  Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone.  Music as a Spiritual Practice: the Sequel. 

April 18: Rev. Molly H. Gordon’s sermon,  How to Survive the End of the World.

April 25: Robin Reichert. What If.  

May 2:  Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Quantum Spirituality—Transcending the False Choice Between Faith and Science. 

May 9:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Mothers of our Faith: Maria Mitchell.

May 16: Rev. Greg Ward. Explaining Unitarian Universalism Without a Pamphlet. 

May 23: Melanie Davis, PhD. A UU Non-Theist Take on Faith and Miracles. 

May 30: Taps: 24 Notes for Memorial Day. 

June 6:  Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Mountaintop Moments.

June 13: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  An Optimist’s Guide to the Pandemic.

June 20: Rev. Kimberley Debus. A Mile Wide.

June 27 : Rev. Jennifer Ryuu. Pagan Influences on Modern Unitarian Universalism.

July 4:  Mark Bernstein. Being in Awe.

July 11: Rev. Susan Maginn’s sermon, Wandering Pilgrimage.

July 18:   Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Silencing the Past.

July 25:  Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Welcoming the Stranger?

August 1: Rev. Beth Marshall. The Boldness Within.

August 8:  Rev. Wayne Arnason’s sermon, Next Time Around: a UU Revisits Reincarnation..

August 15: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. To Be of Use.

August 22: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Necessary Losses Yet Again..

August 29: Rev. Bruce Bode’s sermon, Living with Contradictions.

Sept. 5: Our Lives Like Water, a Water Communion service

Sept. 12: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Rewriting Our Narrative

Sept. 19: Savoring Our Harvest. 

Sept. 26: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Church Signs of the Times

Oct. 3: Rev. Bruce Clear’s sermon, The Christian in Me

Oct. 10: Mark Bernstein. Stealing Second Base.

Oct. 17: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Be a John, Not a Peter

Oct. 24: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Primal Religions. 

Oct. 31: Rev. Erik Walker Wikstrom. When Faced with Evil. 

Nov. 7:  Rev. Bruce Clear’s sermon, The Humanist in Me

Nov. 14:  Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Taking a Corny Stand.

Nov. 21:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Good Luck. I Love You

Nov. 28:  Waiting with Hope: Advent

Dec. 5:  JD Stillwater. Defining Enough

Dec. 12:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Coveting in the Time of Christmas.

Dec. 19:  Rev. Dr. Susan Rak. Comfort and Joy. 

Dec. 24, Christmas Eve Service, Christmas on the Air, the Sequel.

Dec. 26:  A Breathing Space.

 2020 services

Jan. 5: Rev. Paige Getty. Believing Anything You Want Isn’t Enough. 

Jan. 12: Dr. Karen Gray. The Value of Enchantment to the Human Spirit. 

Jan. 19: cancelled because of snow

Jan. 26: Rev. Ed Poling. In the MIdst of Genocide: Etty Hillesum’s Brief Life. 

Feb. 1:  All You Need Is Love. Really? 

Feb. 9: Marlin Barnes and Jane Peatling. Music and Musings.

Feb. 16: Fanny Crawford. Stories of Saints and Sinners. 

Feb.23: Michael Roehm. A Buddhist UU’s Observations. 

March 1: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. What Moral Obligations Do We Have towards Other Animals?  .

March 8. Brave Legacy, Bold Future.

March 15: No worship service. In-Person activities suspended because of Covid-19.

March 22:  Together Again, first on-line worship service via Zoom meeting software

March 29:  Reconnecting,  via Zoom

April 5:  Community & Connection,  via Zoom

April 12:  Spring Joy,  via Zoom, with slide show of spring photos from members and friends

April 19: Healing Our Earth, Healing Ourselves, an Earth Day program, via Zoom

April 26:  Hope Rises,  via Zoom

May 3:  Apart but Together,  via Zoom

May 10:  Waiting,  via Zoom

May 17:  We Need One Another,  via Zoom

May 24:  Creativity & Resilience,  via Zoom, with slide show of UU creativity during Covid

May 31:  How Our UU Values & Principles Help Us Hope & Cope, via Zoom

June 7:  Stay Woke,  via Zoom

June 14:  Moving Forward with Hope, via Zoom

June 21:  Onward with Purpose,  via Zoom

June 28:   Members and friends watched the live UUA General Assembly worship service.

 July 5: UU Patriotism.  Zoom

July 12:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Solitude in the Time of the Coronavirus. Zoom

July 19: Kari Gottfried. The Five Jagged Rocks of Unitarian Universalism. Zoom

July 26: JD Stillwater.  Building a New Way: DIY.  Zoom

August 2: Unexpected Blossoms: a Flower Communion for a Socially Distanced Congregation. Zoom

August 9:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Wild Forces. Zoom

August 16: Rev. Nathan Ryan. Black Lives Matter More than a Slogan. Zoom

August 23: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone.  Love Beyond Belief. Zoom

August 30: Rev. Scott Alexander.  May Your Pillow Catch Fire! —Sources of Courageous Goodness. Zoom

Sept. 6: Rev. Dr. David Breeden. Putting Labor Back into Labor Day, Zoom

Sept. 13:   Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Good Trouble. Zoom

Sept. 20:   Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Welcoming The Evangelical Left. Zoom

Sept. 27:  Rev. James Ishmael Ford. Standing on the Side of Love: a Sermon for Yom Kippur. Zoom

October 4: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  When Love Hurts. Zoom

October 11:  Falling Apart and Coming Out. Zoom

October 18: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone.  Winners and Losers. Zoom

October 25: Rev. Susan Maginn’s sermon,  Be Not Afraid Zoom

Nov. 1: Rev. Scott Alexander’s sermon, Waiting in the Garden. Zoom

Nov. 8:   Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone.  Listening to Music As A Spiritual Practice. Zoom

 Nov. 15:  Mark Bernstein. The Case Against Gratitude. Zoom

Nov. 22:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  With Friends Like These. Zoom

Nov. 29:  Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel.  Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy.  Zoom

Dec. 6: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. John Brown, Lincoln, and Racial Justice. Zoom

Dec. 13:   Rev. David A. Miller’s sermon, The Radical Paradigm Shift of Christmas. Zoom

Dec. 20: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  To Life!  Zoom

Thursday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve Service at 7 p.m.  UUCH Players.  Christmas on the Air.  An original radio-style play  Zoom

Dec. 27:  So Very Different, So Much the Same. Zoom




Jan. 6: Rev. Dr. Paul Bitner. Personhood and Parenthood.

Jan. 13:  church service cancelled because of snow.

Jan. 20:  church service cancelled because of snow.

Jan. 27:  Rev. Kenton Stone.  Presence.

Feb. 3: Dr. Karen Gray. Virtue Ethics,.

Feb. 10:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Spiritual Ecstasy.

.Feb. 17: Rev. Scott Alexander’s Getting Serious About Unitarian Universalism.

Feb.24:  Rev. Kenton Stone. Thyself.

March 3: Fanny Crawford.   T.H. Barnes Talks About Life, Death and History.

March 10: J.D. Stillwater. Befriending the Thief—Remembering Mary Oliver.

March 17: Rev. Dr. Judith McLean. Passive Racism.

March 24: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Artificial Intelligence.

March 31: “Whispering Maggid” Melvin Metelits. Is It All About Love?

April 7: Rev. James Ishmael Ford’s sermon, Already Broken: A Buddhist Perspective on the Season of Spring.

April 14: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. When Families Hurt.

April 21: Rev. Kenton Stone. After Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen.

April 28: Rev. John H. Buehrens. Failure to Forgive.

May 5: Rev. Kenton Stone. Wikipedia Angel.

May 12: Jane Peatling and Marlin Barnes. A Path of Happiness.

May 19:   Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Heroes and Sheroes.

May 26: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Was Jesus a Pacifist?

June 2: Nancy Crawford. Aging? Who, ME?—A lighted-hearted look.

June 9: Rev. Dr. Judith McLean. Inner and Outer Light: The Symbolic and Mystical Attributes of Light in Religion. 

June 16: Rev. Leslie Becknell-Marx. Learning the Principles by Heart.

June 23: Linda Taggart. Gaia Is… .

June 30: Rev. Ed Poling. Not Finished Yet: Aging, Diminishment and Spirituality.

July 7: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Did Unitarians Invent America?

July 14: Rev. Peter Frederick. Want What You Have.

July 21: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The New Language of Sexuality. 

July 28: Rev. Dr. Judith McLean. Baby Steps toward Environmental Action.

August 4: Rev. Helen Lutton Cohen. Odd Arrangements and Funny Solutions.

August 11: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. When Every Day Is Extra.

August 18: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Following Your Bliss.

August 425: Rev. Richard Davis. If I Were a Street Evangelist

Sept. 1: Love’s Labors.

September 8:  Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. The Last of the Lacandones.

September 15:  JD Stillwater. Fiddling While Rome Burns.

September 22:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. What Tevye Can Teach Us About Change. 

September 29:  Andrew McKnight. Treasures in My Chest.

October 6: Truth and Meaning.

October 13: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Necessary Suffering

October 20: Rev. Paul Britner. Paul’s Theological Dictionary: God.

October 27: Remembering with Joy

November 3: Two Evangelical Christians and a UU Minister Seated Together on a Plane 

November 10: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Love Does Not Envy. 

November 17: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Universalism Again. 

November 24: November 24: Real Gratitude. 

December 1: JD Stillwater. The Climate Addiction. 

December 8: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Jesus Was an Undocumented Immigrant. 

December 15: The UU Christmas Connection.

December 22: Winter Solstice: Trust Darkness. 

Christmas Eve, An Appalachian Christmas. 

December 29: A Deep and Restful Silence. 


January 7:  Marlin Barnes & Jane Peatling.  Music—The Universal Language.  

January 14: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  The Reckoning. 

January 21: Rev. Kenton Stone.  Sex, Power, Meaning. 

January 28:  Rev. Ed Poling.  Finding Common Ground: Liu Xiaobo. 

February 4: cancelled because of snow

February 11: Rev. Kenton Stone. Frank Talk. 

February 18:  Dr. Karen Gray. Thinking About “The Dignity of Man” 

February 25:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Love Never Ends.

March 4:  Judith McLean. Patriarchy Through the Ages and Its Influence on Women.

March 11: Rev. Kenton Stone. Flaming Chalices of the Heart.

March 18: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Poggio Finds a Book, Saves the World.

March 25:  Rev. Ron Crawford.  Our Father? Oh Brother

April 1: Rev. Kenton Stone. Beyond Bitterness.

April 8:  Marcus Jaiclin. Finding Humanity Among the Robots.

April 15:  Rev. Bruce Cleary. Fuzzy Questions, Fuzzy Answers

April 22:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. When Prayers Aren’t Wanted.

April 29:  Rev. Ron Crawford.  Mysticism and Meaning.

May 6: Rev. Ron Crawford. Ten Things You Gotta Like About God.

May 13: Stephen C. Buckingham. Social Justice Work as Spiritual Practice

May 20:  Rev. Kenton Stone. Universalism Strikes Again. 

May 27:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Pacifism in a Violent World.

June 3: Rev. Ron Crawford. The Fourth Quarter.

June 10: Rev. Dr. Judith McLean. Women and Inequality in the Time of Reason.

June 17:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  It’s Hard to Be the Buddha.

June 24:  Rev. Dr. Helen Cohen. Talking about Death.

July 1:  Rev. Lisa McDaniel-Hutchings’ sermon, Resilience

July 8: Rev. Peter Friedrichs’ sermon  Do What You Can

July 15: Rev. Kenton Stone.  The End of Suffering. 

July 22:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Why Be Normal?

July 29:  Ginny Cook. A Letter from God

August 5: Jane Peatling and Marlin Barnes. Mostly Music.

August 12: Rev. Kenton Stone. After Atheism.

August 19:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Stealing Hope.

August 26:  Rev. Ron Crawford. You Are Like Salt, You Are Like Light!

September 2:  Endings and Beginnings.

September 9:  Rev. Kenton Stone. Losing Our Sense of Humor.

September 16:  JD Stillwater. Complementarity: Coming of Age at 54.

September 23:  Rev. Dr. Judith McLean.  Oral Tradition.

September 30:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Awe.

October 7: Rev. Ron Crawford. Thank you, Mary Magdalene. 

October 14:  Dance Alchemy. The Eagle and the Condor.

October 21:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Love Does Not Insist.

October 28:  Rev. Kenton Stone.  Remember Me

Nov. 4: Linda Taggart.  Our Spirit’s Harvest.

Nov.  11:  Rev. Edward Poling. Jesus of Nazareth: Contemplative Activist.

Nov.  18:  Rev. Kenton Stone. Your Quest.

Nov.  25:  Rev. John Morehouse. All at the Table,

Dec.  2: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  When Life Isn’t Fair.

Dec. 9:  Rev. Sarah Campbell. Moment of Truth.

Dec. 16:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Prosperity Gospel.

Dec. 23:  Memories of Winter Lights.

Christmas Eve Service Generous Hearts in Hard Times. 

Dec. 30:   Marlin Barnes. The Ebb and Flow of Empathy.


January 1:  Meditations on Past, Present and Future.

January 8:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Alt Right or Alt Wrong: A Perspective from MLK, Jr.

January 15: Marlin Barnes and Jane Peatling.  Why Music?

January 22: Rev. Rebekah Montgomery. Desperate Times.

January 29: Rev. Ed Poling: Finding Common Ground: Badshah Khan.

February 5: Rev. Kenton Stone: At-one-ment.

February 12: Bernadette Wagner. Frank Conversations About the End of Life.

February 19: Rev. Rebekah Montgomery: ’Forgiveness Is the Final Form of Love.

February 26: Dr. Karen Gray: An Atheist’s Sense of the Sacred.

March 5: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Spirituality of Sexuality.

March 12: Rev. Ron Crawford. Just What Is a Unitarian Universalist, Anyway?

March 19: Yvonne Pfoutz. A Momentary Pause in Tilting.

March 26: Fanny Crawford. Chapman, Water and Spring. 

April 2: Rev. Kenton Stone. A Sunday with Morrie.

April 9: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Beyond Exodus.

April 16: Rev. Rebekah Montgomery. Light Reborn.

April 23: Plum Blossom Memories: Celebrating UUCH’s 60th Anniversary.

April 30: Rev. Ron Crawford. Falling to Grace.

May 7: Rev. Kenton Stone. The Mothers of May.

May 14: Rev. Sara Huisjen. Hey Momma

May 21: Julie Castillo. Evolution and Creationism.

May 28: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Honoring Troops, Opposing War.

June 4: Rev. Ron Crawford. To Do or To Be?

June 11: Rev. Kenton Stone. Justice in the Jungle.

June 18: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Bible and Homosexuality.

June 25: Rev. Ed Poling. Finding Common Ground: Rabbi Arik Ascherman. 

July 2: Rev. Ron Crawford. The Essence of Being Interesting.

July 9: Rev. Wayne Arnason’s sermon. The Care of the Soul.

July 16: J.D. Stillwater. Active Love, an Antidote to Anthropocene Angst.

July 23: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. What Makes Us Who We Are?

July 30: Michael Roehm. Transcendental Practices for Today.

August 6: Rev. Marilyn Sewell. The Moral Demands of Climate Change.

August 13: Jerry Harness. In Other Words, the Golden Rule in World Religions.

August 20: Rev. Kenton Stone. Committed to Social Justice.

August 27: Marlin Barnes & Jane Peatling. Let’s Talk about Communication. 

September 3: Donna Catling & Yvonne Pfoutz. Our Jobs, Ourselves.

September 10: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Red Badge of Reason. 

September 17: Rev. Ron Crawford. Religion, Need or Nicety? 

September 24: Rev. Kenton Stone. Love Beyond Belief.

October 1: Andrew McKnight. The Gifts in Our Genes: a Special Music Service. 

October 8: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Religion and Domestic Violence.

October 15: Rev. Ron Crawford. Toward an Understanding of Ministry.

October 22: Rev. Ed Poling. Finding Common Ground: Valerie Kaur, Sikh Activist.

October 29: Rev. Kenton Stone. A UU Book on Christ.

November 5:  Rev. Ron Crawford.  UU Christianity, Contradiction or What?

November 12:  Dance Alchemy. The Art of Giving and Receiving.

November 19:  Rev. Kenton Stone. The Gospel According to U2.

 November 26:  Rev. Scott Alexander. Thanksgiving Sermon

December 3: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Saints, Sinners and Santa Claus.

December 10: J.D. Stillwater. This Is Not My Beautiful House.

December 17:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. Jesus in Other Traditions.

Christmas Eve Service,   Christmas Wishes.

December 31:  Letting Go and Moving Forward.


January 3: Michael Roehm. Welcoming the New Year.

January 10: Rev. Peter Friedrich. Be Who You Are.

January 17: Rev. Ed Poling. Finding Common Ground Amidst Religious Diversity. 

January 24: cancelled because of blizzard

Jan. 31: Fanny Crawford. God, Mabel, Rose and Me.

February 7: Dr. Sahab Siddiqi.   Muslim Understanding.

February 14: Karen Gray. Love and Justice

February 21: Rev. Jay Leach The Infinite Enlargement of the Heart.

February 28: Rev. Kenton Stone. A UU Saint from 20th Century Spain. 

March 6: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. I’ve Got the Good News.

March 13: Rev. Ron Crawford. Help for Healing

March 20: Yvonne Pfoutz. Awakening to the World.

March 27 (Easter): Rev. Kenton Stone. Heaven

April 3: Rev. Ron Crawford. Humanism in Perspective.

April 10: Rev. Scott Alexander. But Are You Happy?

April 17: Rev. Ed Poling. Thich Nhat Hanh

April 24: Rev. Kenton Stone. The 21st Century Universalist Revival.

May 1:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner.  Eve Was Framed. 

May 8:  Rev. Dr. Elizabeth M. Strong. A Theology of Evolution.

May 15:  Rev. Wayne Arnason. From the One, Many: Prospects for a New Universalism.

May 22:  Rev. Kenton Stone.  Hope After Hope. 

May 29:  Rev. Ron Crawford.  Reflections on Ministry.

June 5:  UUCH Players. The Quarrelsome Quails

June 12:  Rev. Jonalu Johnstone. Lessons Learned from a Culture of Pride.

June 19:  Rev. Ron Crawford.  The Gospel According to Fulghum. 

June 26: Rev. Kenton Stone. The 21st Century Universalist Revival, Part 2

July 3: Musician Michael DeLalla.   Mindfulness in All Things.

July 17: Rev. Ron Crawford. Beyond Spirituality. 

July 24: Rev. Rebekah Montgomery. Digging Within. 

July 31: J.D. Stillwater. Super. Natural: Science Beckons the Faithful.

August 7: Rev. Kenton Stone. Hope from St. Anthony, MN

August 14: Rev. Paul Britner. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Physics of Families

August 21: Rev. Ron Crawford. Growing Old Graciously and Other Nonsense. 

August 28: Ginny Cook. Being Alive and Having to Die. 

September 4: Remembering the Labor in Labor Day.

September 11: The DeMasi Brothers.  Living In A World of Kindness. !

September 18: Rev. Paul Britner. The All-American Revolution.

September 25: Dance Alchemy. Writing a New Narrative.   

October 2: Rev. Ron Crawford. We and Other Religions

October 9: Rev. Kenton Stone. From Terrorist to Minister

October 16: Rev. Ed Poling.    Finding Common Ground: Mahatma Gandhi. 

October 23: Andrew McKnight.  Tilling Our Common Ground. 

October 30: Rev. Kenton Stone. Halloween and the Day of the Dead. 

Nov. 6: Rev. Ron Crawford.  A Reason for Being.

Nov. 13: JD Stillwater.  One Song: The Science of Unity.

Nov. 20: Rev. Paul Britner. Surviving a Family Gathering.

Nov. 27: Rev. Kenton Stone. Fundamentalism v Modernity

Dec. 4: Rev. Ron Crawford. We Are Now What We Were Then. 

Dec. 11:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner:  A UU Christmas Carol. 

Dec. 18: Rev. Kenton Stone.  Accidental Saints.

Christmas Eve: The Christmas Miracle.   December 25. UUCH Closed