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March & April Sunday Topics

  Sunday services begin at 10:45 a.m.

March 1: Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. What Moral Obligations Do We Have towards Other Animals?  This topic, chosen by winning auction bidder Michael Roehm, explores our relationship to the animal world. For example, do we meet our moral obligations to animals if those we eat are treated humanely? Can one give one’s pets food made from chicken and beef and still be a vegetarian? These can be fun conversation starters, but they raise important questions about the ethics of our lifestyles.

Family service where the children join the adults in the sanctuary for the first part of the worship.

March 8. Brave Legacy, Bold Future.  A special 80th anniversary program about our March-April Offering in Action recipient, the UU Service Committee, which advances human rights and social justice in the US and around the world.

March 15: Rev. Don Stevenson.  Life Lessons from Jesus. Insights from the teachings of Jesus for a meaningful and ethical life.

   Offering in Action in support of UU Service Committee. Potluck and UUCH Book Table after the service.

March 22:   Beth Casebolt. Covenant, Interdependence and Unitarian Universalism. As Unitarian Universalist congregations, we value our congregational polity that allows each congregation to make decisions independent of each other and the denomination. But did you know that we are also a covenantal faith? That as members of the Unitarian Universalist Association each congregation has covenanted to work and support each other? That piece of our history often gets lost. We’ll explore what it means to be a congregation in covenant with other congregations in our cluster, region and denomination.

March 29:  Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Love Beyond Belief.   UUism’s spiritual freedom carries with it a responsibility to define our own theology.  Then it seems we are to tip toe to the edge of our particular belief and take a flying leap out of love beyond belief.

April 5:  Spring for Change. The first Earth Day happened 50 years ago, when 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment. The UU Ministry for Earth has workable ideas on how we can all continue this effort with suggestions for all ages and abilities.

Intergenerational service for everyone school age and older. Nursery will be open for younger children.

April 12:  Rev. Dr. Paul Britner. The Meaning of Easter. Traditional Christian dogma teaches that Jesus died for our sins, that his life somehow was given as ransom for ours. Most UUs reject that doctrine in favor of one that emphasizes the life and teachings of Jesus rather than his death. That does not mean the Easter experience is meaningless for UUs. Rev. Britner explains why.

 April 19: Rev. Dr. Kenton Stone. Welcoming The Evangelical Left.   The intellectual leader of the evangelical left is Jim Wallis, the founder of the Sojourners Community in Washington, DC and of its journal, Sojourners.  In these politically divided times, let’s learn from Wallis how to welcome left and right with an open heart.

 Offering in Action in support of UU Service Committee.  Potluck and UUCH Book Table after the service.

 April 26:  Rev. Ed Poling.  St. Francis and al-Kamil, the Sultan of Egypt: An Interfaith Encounter.  In 1219 Francis of Assisi joined the Fifth Crusade to the Holy Land — not to “fight the infidels” but to meet “the enemy” face-to-face and become friends. Francis’ audacious reach across the religious chasm between Christians and Muslims provides a model for interfaith dialogue today.







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